C-sense deliver electrical nose to Lantmännen

10 February 2016
C-sense has recently delivered the first reliable electrical nose (referred to as Mark III) to the Swedish company Lantmännen. It will be used to detect oxalate, fungal proteins and related volatile components in grains. Many breweries worldwide have had and still have problems with gushing in beer. The brewing industry and malting industry are, of course, very interested in processes and methods to detect, analyse and prevent gushing. C-sense and Lantmännen will continue a close cooperation to address the problem of gushing as well as other grain situations.

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About Lantmännen:
Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe's leader in agriculture, machinery, bio energy and food products. Owned by 29,000 Swedish farmers, Lantmännen has 10,500 employees, operations in over 20 countries and revenues of SEK 37 billion.

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About C-sense:
C-sense is a company offering intelligent sensors for a variety of applications. The primary goal is change and novelty detection followed by feature extraction to determine and identify objects, and, if needed track these. Using smart sensor technology combined with sensor and data fusion it is possible to quickly find and identifying objects for situation awareness, diagnostics, control, etc. An example is the C-nose is a multi-sensor electronic nose that can be used as a bomb-nose as well as in food control and medical diagnostics.

The unique performance of C Sense ' electronic nose has received wide attention in both national and international media;
In Sweden, C Sense has been covered in the national news program "SVT Rapport", the medical journal "Dagens Medicin", the news magazine "Metro Teknik" and the scientific journal "Allt Om Vetenskap".
Internationally, for example the Arab television station "Al Jazeera" (which reaches 220 million households), "Future Oncology" and "Bioscience Technology" have covered the innovation.

In addition, the potential of C Sense' electronic nose has been confirmed by the "City of Stockholm", which has appointed C Sense a winner of its innovative scholarship, "Swedish-American Life Science Summit (SALSS)" which selected C Sense as a Rising Star as well by the entrepreneurial competition "Venture Cup" when it awarded C Sense a regional winner.

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